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The Site Map will be a directory of images and pages for easy, quick search.

1)      Welcome

2)      Dr. Ash

3)      Visante OCT

        a.       Technical Information

        b.      Angle Evaluation

        c.       Visante omni

                i.      Normal Spherical Cornea

                ii.      Normal Toric Cornea

                iii.      Keratoconus

                iv.      Pellucid Marginal Degeneration

4)      ATLAS Topographer

        a.       Curvature Maps

        b.      Refractive Power Map

        c.       Elevation Map

        d.    Post Refractive IOL Calculation

5)      IOL Master

        a.    Starting with IOLMaster

        b.       Versions

        c.    Keratometry

        d.    Practical IOL Considerations

                i.    Distance, Intermediate or Near

        e.    Post Refractive IOL Calculation

        f.    Silicone Oil

        g.   Accutome A-Scanner

6)      Cornea

        a.       Ectasia

                i.      Keratoconus

                ii.       Post LASIK Ectasia

7)      Corneal Transplant

        a.       Endothelial Keratoplasty

        b.      IntraLase Enabled Keratoplasty

        c.       IEK for Professionals

        d.      IntraLase Lamellar Keratoplasty

8)      Glaucoma

        a.       Anatomically Narrow Angles

        b.      Narrow Angles and Pupil Size

        c.       Laser Peripheral Iridotomy

        d.      Glaucoma & Medications

        e.      Glaucoma Surgery

9)      Refractive

        a.       LASIK

                i.      Blade Microkeratome

                ii.      Femtosecond Laser Microkeratome

        b.      Verisyse Phakic IOL

                i.      Visante & Verisyse for Professionals

        c.     Visian ICL

        d.      Intacs

10)   Cataract

        a.       Toric IOLs

        b.    Cataract Surgery and Implant Options

11)   Contact

12)   Legals

13)   Site Map

14)   Case Studies

        a.       Case Studies – LASIK

                i.      Case 1 – Refractive

                ii.      Case 2 – Refractive

                iii.      Case 3 – Refractive

                iv.      Case 4 – Guess

                v.      Case 5 – Refractive

                vi.      Case 6 – Refractive

        b.      Case Studies – DSEK

                i.      Case 1 – DSAEK

                ii.      Case 2 – DSEK

15)   Comparative Technologies

        a.       Hard Contact Lens

        b.      Pseudophakic Bullous Keratopathy

        c.       Epithelial In-growth

        d.      Post DSAEK with Air in AC

        e.      Verisyse

        f.        Native Keratoconus

        g.       Post Myopic LASIK

        h.      Post LASIK Ectasia

        i.        Visante vs. UBM for Visian Sizing