Native Keratoconus

This is a case of a patient with keratoconus.  The patient underwent the Visante omni examination as well as the Pentacam Scheimpflug system.  The Holladay report is presented for both instruments.

Visante omni of a patient with Keratoconus

Holladay report of a patient with keratoconus using the Pentacam

In the above case, the patient had both instruments used at the same visit.  Both instruments detected the keratoconus and provided data that correlated very well. 

In the above cases:

  • K's in the 4.5 mm zone
    • 49.20 D and 43.40 D @145 with Visante omni (5.8 D astigmatism)
    • 47.1 D and 43.0 D @ 146 with Pentacam (4.1 D astigmatism)
  • Minimum Pachymetry
    • 422 microns with Visante omni
    • 413 microns with Pentacam
  • Anterior Corneal Protrusion
    • 28.40 microns with Visante omni
    • Approximately 25 microns with Pentacam
  • Posterior Corneal protrusion
    • 64.25 microns with Visante omni
    • Approximately 65 microns with Pentacam