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The Intacs are segment of firm plastic that can be inserted in to the cornea. These rings originally were devised to be an alternative to laser eye surgery. The premise the these ring can be removed provided a great hope in reversibility of the procedure. Unfortunately, the range of its effect was very limited and predictability of the results were less than desirable and as such it failed in its mission. However, it provided a great pathway to treat some of the other subtle corneal problems. Many patients with corneal irregularity such as Keratoconus and post LASIK ectasia, have been able to use these segments to bring a bolstered strength to the cornea and therefore decrease the irregularity of the cornea. This treatment is meant to help patient obtain a more regular cornea where either it eliminates or improved the wear of glasses or use of the contact lenses.

The VISANTE is helpful at several stages in evaluation for Intacs. In the pre-operative stage, the VISANTE Omni 3.0 Link can provide a confirmation of the the state of the cornea. The pre-operative irregularity of the cornea can help confirm the suitability of the procedure. Additionally, the Global Pachymetry map of the VISANTE is useful in measuring the corneal thickness and the attempted depth where the segment should be placed. In the post-operative phase, the VISANTE Omni 3.0 Link can provide data on the corneal state and improvements gained from the procedure. Additionally, the VISANTE can provide confirmation of the relative positioning of the segment. In the image here one can see that the segment is placed at 400 microns depth at 66% of the corneal thickness.

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