Case Studies - LASIK

LASIK eye surgery is a very delicate surgery that requires exquisite pre-operative evaluation and post-operative considerations.  The following case studies are ones that demonstrate how the Visante Anterior Segment OCT when couples with the ATLAS Corneal Topography system yield an outstanding diagnostic tool.  The combination called the Visante omni allows the gold standard placido disc anterior corneal evaluation and the OCT pachymetric data over 10mm area to calculate the posterior corneal surface evaluation.

Case 1 - Refractive Surgery
40 year old female, thin corneas, high astigmatism... Could this be ectasia? What do you do?

Case 2 - Refractive Surgery
37 year old male, thick corneas, high astigmatism... Is the cornea normal?

Case 3 - Refractive Surgery
23 year old male, normal thickness corneas, 4 diopters of anisometropia, high astigmatism... How Bizarre!

Case 4 - Guess
46 year old male, normal thickness cornea, apparently normal maps... Is he really normal?

Case 5 - Refractive Surgery
42 year old male, normal thin corneas, apparently normal maps... Just looks a bit funny!

Case 6 - Refractive Surgery
37 year old female, thin corneas, mild myopia and mild astigmatism... maps look just a bit funny! Is it real?