Case 6 - Refractive

This is a case of a 37 year old female that seeks iLASIK procedure.

Her manifest refractions were:
OD:    -1.00 Sph
OS:    -1.25 -1.00 x 152

Ultrasound Pachymetry:
OD:    501 microns
OS:    485 microns



Patient uses glasses only and has not been wearing contact lenses for the past 2+ years.  As one can see, despite the "normal" read by the PathFinder Corneal Analysis, there is a concerning inferior steepening pattern to the corneal topography.  I performed a Visante omni evaluation.  One can see the standard print out Holladay Report below.


There is significant anterior protrusion of the posterior corneal surface and the suspicion of the keratoconus is confirmed.  I was able to present these images and analysis to the patient and confidently explain her condition to her and why she is not a LASIK candidate.