Modesto LASIK Surgeon – Dr. Ash
Serving Stockton, Manteca, Tracy, Merced

LASIK eye surgery is a surgery that alters the shape of the cornea to change the prescription of the eye. Changing of the prescription is done by first creating a thin layer of the cornea (called the flap) and then lifting it out of the way, to expose the underneath surface.  Afterwards a special type of laser called excimer laser is used to "etch" the new prescription into the exposed area.  As the final step, the flap is then replaced back in place.

The Visante Anterior Segment OCT in combination with ATLAS Corneal Topographer provide great details about the eye.  The combined instrumentation is called Visante omni. The Visante omni is capable of providing an enormous amount of information about the overall health of the cornea and its stability. The Stockton / Modesto LASIK surgeon, Dr. Ash, uses Visante omni in pre-operative and post-operative evaluation of all of his LASIK patients.

There are several areas in the LASIK surgery evaluation that the Visante provides useful information:

  • Pre-operative evaluation
    • ATLAS Corneal Topographic evaluation of the Anterior Corneal surface
      • This is essential and a standard of care to evaluate normal corneal patterns
    • Visante omni evaluation of the corneal pachymetric distribution
      • Compare each patients corneal thickness pattern compared with normal
    • Visante omni evaluation of the posterior corneal surface
      • Many cases of corneal ectasia present earlier on the posterior corneal surface that many not have been presented on the anterior surface yet!
  • Post-operative evaluation
    • Flap thickness evaluation
      • For cases where an enhancement may be needed the corneal flap and the residual stromal thickness may be evaluated pre-operatively.
        • Flaps that are too thin may not be suitable for lifting
        • If the flap is too thick and there is not enough residual stromal tissue, lifting of the flap is avoided unnecessarily and a PRK may be planed instead.
    • Residual stromal bed evaluation
  • Evaluation of Technology
    • Blade microkeratome vs.
    • Femtosecond laser microkeratome

In addition to performing laser eye surgery in Modesto / Stockton, Dr. Ash specializes in advanced techniques of refractive cataract surgery. By using the latest surgical technologies and methods, he has helped numerous Stockton and Modesto cataract surgery patients achieve clear, youthful vision.